Brad Fritcher + Trois allow themselves little time to celebrate

Brad Fritcher + Trois allow themselves little time to celebrate

ArtPrize 2013: Brad Fritcher + Trois, Modern Pioneers

With their win in the jazz category at St Cecelia Music Center,

Brad Fritcher + Trois allow themselves little time to celebrate.

Within the national semblance that ArtPrize has become, there is 

one medium in which artists must indefatigably labor to gain recognition: 

music. Brad Fritcher is the lead-man for experimental jazz band, Brad 

Fritcher + Trois, as well as the proprietor of an insatiable desire to reach 

the unknown. “New Jazz Standards” is the soul axiom for this young group 

of talented musicians: Brad Fritcher the trumpeter, Dutcher Snedeker on 

keyboard, Ryan Wallace on bass, and Christian Vanduinen on drums. 

With a few non-amicable confrontations with the “Jazz Police” — 

self-established Brahmans of definitive jazz — the band’s goal is to break 

form with the traditional standards of Jazz music. They’re out to discover 

new potentialities within music itself.

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Originating from Flint, Michigan, Fritcher spent the majority of his childhood

on a farm; a 200 acre country-canvas to gallivant with a wild and restless

imagination.”It’s where my work ethic comes from,” he grins. Notwithstanding

Disney’s legendary Aristocats, one of his first musical influences was a record

of his grandfather’s, whichhe admits, he was originally attracted to because

of the model posing lasciviously on the cover. That record sparked a profound,

lifelong infatuation with music. Fritcher never saw himself primarily as a jazz

musician until he discovered influences like Duke Ellington, John Coaltrain,

and Miles Davis, and found himself craving the genre.

After meeting Grand Valley student, Dutcher Snedeker, Fritcher became

acquainted with Christian Vanduinen, a vigorous percussionist and music

student at Grand Rapids Community College. Bassist Ryan Wallace, also

a Grand Valley student, was introduced to the group, as well as their current

manager, Bear Yovino. “Bear is an animal,” Brad explains. “He doesn’t stop.”

Fritcher originally hired Yovino to create a personality profile for the band,

and ever since, he and his company, Brother Bear Productions, has been a

tireless catalyst for the band and their aspirations.

Though the group may already be thriving in fruitful compatibility, they are

still in their youth; their first rehearsals happened in January of 2013. With

the leadership of Brad Fritcher and manager Bear Yovino, Brad Fritcher + Trois

soon began booking gigs and finding new sounds, as well as publishing their

first album, Blue Lake Studio Sessions, a compilation of both original and

interpretational pieces.

With their ArtPrize 2013 showcase at Saint Cecelia Music Center, Brad Fritcher

+ Trois placed first in the Jazz category, winning $2,000 in prize money, and

$1,000 in studio recording time. Despite the success, Fritcher believes they are

still far from accomplishing their final envisioned fruition. “I could talk about how

I want to sound, but to say I am even close…”

Though he knows his goal is a thought without end, he feels anything but solace.

An erstwhile professor of his once shared an idea with him that if you are not

satisfied, then you are progressing, and if there is any way to articulate the

dharma of Brad Fritcher +Trois, it is progressive. And their progress lies not in

the encapsulated foundations of standards and accomplishments already

achieved, it lies at the next stepping-stones of melodic emanations in Jazz music.Source

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