The Hoppah Vault Has Opened with Bear’s Den Vol. 1…

The Hoppah Vault Has Opened with Bear’s Den Vol. 1…

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“I am releasing my years archiving Grasshoppah in a volume series titled, Bear’s Den. I am very excited to share my brother-like experiences that I will forever hold dear to my heart, with the fans we have built over the last thirteen years. Over the next few months I will be sharing the vault on Archive Dot Org. I hope you all enjoy what is to come, as I have, in preparation for this moment. Thanks for all the love and support. Without you, there would be no Bear’s Den.” – Brother Bear

The “LIVE ARCHIVE” tab includes 42 volumes currently available in the Bear’s Den Collection. The volumes contain live shows recorded during 2001-2014. By clicking each volume, you may stream or download at ZERO cost. This is our gift to our fanbase. Share it. Take us wherever you go.

We begin with an epic final night in Michigan at old the Founder’s Brewery on Monroe in Grand Rapids on 3/1/05. This was the first night of their tour ending in Portland, Oregon where they still reside today.

Brian Oberlin – vox, mandolin
Glenn House – vox, guitar, drums, harmonica, conga
Dan Giacobassi – flute, sax
Shane Bullis – vox, bass
Chris Carr – vox, bass
Bear Yovino – conga

Grasshoppah – Bear’s Den Vol. 1: 3/1/05 Founder’s Brewery, Grand Rapids, MI

This Volume has 32 Tracks.


Team Hoppah



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