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all·about·jazz – Serving jazz worldwide since 1995


Serving jazz worldwide since 1995

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  • Brother Bear Productions

    “If there is any way to articulate the dharma of Brad Fritcher + trois, it is progressive. And their progress lies not in the encapsulated foundations of standards and accomplishments already achieved, it lies at the next stepping-stones of melodic emanations in Jazz music.”  – FortierWe here at Brother Bear Productions love jazz because the sound is unparalleled. We met trumpeter Brad Fritcher and immediately decided to add jazz to our roster. Our advice to new listeners is to check our fresh new jazz quartet and ArtPrize 2013 Jazz Winners, Brad Fritcher + trois. The project consists of four eager musicians who are expanding their artistic vision beyond the strict confines of the jazz genre’s tradition. Their debut album, Blue Lake Studio Sessions is one that conveys each member’s ability to communicate intellectually and musically to themselves, each other and the listener. They continue to tether audiences to their concepts and their sound with live and intimate performances. Not to mention the press feels that the world needs to hear them. They are pushing the jazz envelope,  redefining the image of jazz, and these musicians have forever linked Brother Bear Productions to the world of jazz. We are grateful to be a part of their journey.


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