“For a music lover, listening to Caravan Gogh is a little like taking a trip around the world in a time machine.” –Kelly Moyer – Wade Gresham Outlook (OR)

“Capable of extreme delicacy, Caravan Gogh can turn themselves into a symphony at a moment’s notice. In the very notes they play, you can hear grins traded back and forth. You could imagine this modern string band playing 60 years ago or 60 years from now.” –Jeff Rosenberg Willamette Week Portland, OR

The debut CD by Caravan Gogh showcases the Portland, OR quartet’s versatility, originality and technical prowess. Drawing on the old old and new, they blend ukulele and cello (!) with mandolin and bass. With a repertoire that draws on Greek folk melodies, Gypsy swing, Funk and Eastern European old-world charm, they can really deliver a tasty sonic treat. The album was recorded on state-of-the-art digital gear in a funky converted Troutdale barn, a perfect example to Caravan Gogh’s simultaneous nod to the past and the future. The tunes on this album are spirited, original and comfortable. Caravan Gogh has a knack for blending sheer exuberance with hauntingly beauty. A stunning first record by a band with very promising future.