Grasshoppah is a three-piece band (sometimes four-piece), originally from Michigan.  The band started in 2001, playing hundreds of shows across the United States and, in 2002, won the Local Artist of the Year Jammie Award in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn more at

Glenn House on guitar, drums, and harmonica, simultaneously.  Brian on acoustic and electric mandolin, tenor banjo, and C-melody saxophone.  Shane Bullis on electric bass.  Dan Giacobassi on flute and tenor saxophone.  Bill Vitts on percussion.

Grasshoppah’s original material consists of diverse influences from folk, rock, funk, blues, island, and bluegrass, sometimes staying in a certain style for a song, sometimes changing styles within the composition. This mixture of catchy lyrics and intense instrumental jams lends to remembrance. Grasshoppah’s main musical influences would be Bluegrass with an injection of pure Funk mingled with classic traditionalism. Throw in a bit of Reggae, Folk, and Blues and you’ve got it.